HSEL Rule "Patch Notes" for Nationals 2023

  • Updated

General Rules

We have updated rule 2.7.2 "Game Connections" to be more flexible to players' and coaches' needs.  Specifically, we added an exception: if roster information does not match the display information in-game, but HSEL staff can verify that the game account is the same, then the player will be allowed to continue to play once they correct their game connection.

Halo Infinite

Disconnection Rule Update

Updated this rule to allow games to be stopped and resumed in the event of an unintentional game crash or disconnection.


Map Update

HSEL Nationals will use an alternate map designed for eight players.

Rainbow Six Siege

New and Reworked Operators

Revised the rule regarding the use of New or Reworked Operators released during the event or competition -- these operators will now be prohibited from use in official matches for only two weeks after their release.