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This article explains all the necessary information about the MSEL Playoffs (i.e.) days/times of matches, where to find the bracket, how many teams qualify, etc. 


How Many Teams/Players Make the Playoffs?

  • The amount of participants that make it into the playoffs is determined by how many registered.
Game # of Teams in Playoffs # of Rounds
Knockout City 4 2
Minecraft Survival Games 48 2
Pokemon Unite 4 2
10-Minute Chess 8 3
Rocket League 32 5


How to Qualify

  • A roster/player must:
    • End the season at a high enough leaderboard placement, relative to the above chart. 


Where can I view the playoff bracket?

  • Select "Tournaments" from the left-hand menu. 
  • Under "My Tournaments", choose the tournament whose playoff bracket you want to view.
  • Scroll down until you have found the “Leaderboard” section and click “Playoffs”.


  • Click the “Bracket View” button to open the playoff bracket for that specific game.
  • This is an example of a playoff bracket.




  • All matches will be played at 8 pm Eastern unless specified otherwise. 
  • Playoffs/finals are manually seeded, players will not use the queue system.
  • You may reschedule your match. Scores must be reported before 11:59 pm EST/EDT on match day.
    • Contact support HERE along with your opponent if the reschedule time is after 8 pm Eastern. 
  • Your opponent must agree to the reschedule or the default time will remain.

Week 1

Monday 11/29 Tuesday 11/30 Wednesday 12/1 Thursday 12/2 Friday 12/3
Chess   Minecraft Pokemon Unite Chess
Rocket League Rocket League Knockout City Rocket League Rocket League


Week 2 - Finals & 3rd Place

Monday 12/6 Tuesday 12/7 Wednesday 12/8 Thursday 12/9 Friday 12/10
Chess Pokemon Unite Minecraft Knockout City Rocket League


Things to know

  • Your admin will be emailed a form to fill out to ensure you receive your prizing.
  • Any admin with a team/player who made it to the playoffs will be notified via email.
  • Match format is located in the specific tournament overview. You can find the overview in the MSEL community section of our help site.
  • A player or roster’s seeding for a tournament is based on their MMR (matchmaking rating). Players gain MMR during the regular season by winning and lose MMR by losing.
  • The amount of MMR you gain or lose is based on the strength of your opponent. You get more MMR for beating a higher-ranked opponent and lose more for losing to a lower-ranked opponent.

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