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This article explains all the necessary information about the MSEL Playoffs (i.e.) days/times of matches, where to find the bracket, how many teams qualify, etc. 


Congratulations on making it into the MSEL playoffs! 

This guide contains what you need to be successful in understanding how our playoffs work.


What day and time are my matches?

  • Playoffs/finals are manually seeded, players will NOT use the queue system.
  • You may reschedule your match. Scores must be reported before 11:59pm EST/EDT on match day.
  • Your opponent must agree to the reschedule or the default time will remain.

Where can I view the playoff bracket?

  • Click “Communities” from the left-hand navigation menu.
  • Click “Learn More” on the MSEL community page.
  • Click on the “Tournaments” tab to view all the current tournaments.
  • Click on the tournament you are wanting to view the playoff bracket for.
  • Scroll down until you have found the “Leaderboard” section and click “Playoffs”.


  • Click the “Bracket View” button to open the playoff bracket for that specific game.
  • This is an example of a playoff bracket.


How many teams/players make it to the playoffs?

  • The amount of participants that make it into the playoffs is determined by how many registered.
  • This a breakdown of how we determine how many playoff teams/players there are.
Participating Teams/Players Number in Playoffs
10-25 4
26-60 8
61-120 16
121-250+ 32

Things to know:

  • Your admin will be emailed a form to fill out to ensure you receive your prizing.
  • Any admin with a team/player who made it to the playoffs will be notified via email.
  • Match format is located in the specific tournament overview. You can find the guide in the MSEL community section of our help site.
  • A player or roster’s seeding for a tournament is based off of their MMR (matchmaking rating). Players gain MMR during the regular season by winning and lose MMR by losing. The amount of MMR you gain or lose is based on the strength of your opponent. You get more MMR for beating a higher ranked opponent and lose more for losing to a lower ranked opponent.

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