Peach Belt Conference Overwatch Rules

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1. Conference Format & Schedule

1.1  School Association

All schools must be a member of the Peach Belt Conference.

1.2 Regular Season

This phase consists of a best-of-three match* with each team competing against every other team in their division once and one or more teams from the other division over the course of seven weeks

* A fourth tiebreaker game may be necessary, please see the schedule of modes/maps 

1.3. Regular Season Standings Tiebreaker

In the event that multiple teams are tied in the standings in their division at the conclusion of the Regular Season (as defined as having the same winning percentage), then any teams so tied will be placed into a tiebreaker pool and ranked based on their head-to-head record by following criteria. There will be no tiebreaker games played at any point.

  • Overall match record
  • Head to Head record
  • Overall game win %
  • Opponent game win %
  • Number of games each team forfeits
  • Team who lost to stronger opponent (game win %)

1.4 Conference Playoffs​

Single Elimination Bracket

1.5 Schedule

1.5.1  Default Match Time

All conference regular season matches are scheduled for the following times.
Masters (Division A) - Sundays @ 2 PM
Champions (Division B) - Sundays @ 5 PM

1.5.2 Changes to Schedule

PBC officials may, at their sole discretion, re-order the schedule of matches within a given day and/or change the date of a College Season match to a different date or otherwise modify the schedule of matches. In the event that the match schedule is modified, officials will notify all teams at the earliest convenience.

Teams may change their schedules (dates and/or times) with the written consent of both advisors/coaches (or through Generation Esports) at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled start of the match.  All game change communications must be copied to

Regular-season matches can be rescheduled for any time during the regular season. All regular season matches must be completed by the last day of the regular season.


2. PBC Season Amendments

2.1.  Enrollment Status

Part-time students are not eligible to compete in the Peach Belt Conference.   All players must be 1) full-time enrolled students at their institution (either on campus or remote learning) and 2) not be under any academic probation or otherwise unable to compete in intramural or extracurricular activities.

A player must also be in Good Standing with respect to any Game licenses or Game accounts registered in their name, with no non-disclosed violations of the Game’s applicable End User License Agreement;

“Good standing” can be defined as being free of any suspensions, bans, or other incidents of account discipline lodged against any Blizzard account registered in your name by the publisher of the Game during the Tournament, or during the six (6) months period preceding the commencement of the Tournament;

2.2.  Team Advisor​

Each team must designate a Team Advisor, who must be a full-time staff member of their university. This advisor will serve as the official point of contact between the team and the Conference. 

2.3.  Squad List & Active Roster​

At the start of the season, each team must declare a Squad List of eligible players that may be used over the course of the season. The squad list must be submitted to PBC League officials before a team plays their first match. Once the season begins, no new players can be added to the Squad List. All players on the Squad list must be fully eligible per Season Rule 2.1. Teams cannot add players to their Active Roster who are not on their Squad List. 

2.4.  Player names

Players must use an acceptable name in all PBC competition. Players may use Battle Tags or handles during the regular season and tournament. PBC Administration reserves the right to revoke the eligibility of any Participant whose Battle Tag or handle is offensive, toxic, or incorporates any third-party intellectual property. Player names must also comply with the following restrictions:

  • Player names may not include a sponsor name.
  • Player names may not include a product name or description.
  • Player names may not include any words that are purely commercial.
  • Player names may not impersonate a PBC or Blizzard Administrator.
  • Player names must comply with these Official Rules.
  • The PBC has the right to request a Player name change for any reason, not restricted to the above


3. Teams

3.1  Tournament Teams

A “Team” will consist of up to five (5) Players, three (3) optional Substitutes, and an optional Team Advisor/Coach.  All Players, Substitutes, and Advisors/Coaches on a team must attend or be employed by the same Eligible Institution.

3.2  Team Management

Each Team must have a single individual designated as Team Captain. Each Team may have a single individual designated as Team Advisor/Coach.

3.2.1.Team Advisor/Coach

The Team Advisor/Coach will act as a Team’s primary contact for all roster changes, rule disputes, and other communication between Teams and the Peach Belt Conference. The Advisor/Coach may not participate as one of the Team’s Players or Substitutes.

3.2.2.Team Captain

In the case that a team does not have a team manager, the team Captain will act as a Team’s primary contact for all roster changes, rule disputes, and other communication between Teams and the Peach Belt Conference. The Team Captain can be used, in all purposes, as a player. This role may be transferred to another player on the Team outside of any Roster Locking (3.4.3) periods.

3.3  Designation

Team Managers must apply and be accepted before final Roster Locks. In the event of a Team Manager change, Tournament Administration must be informed by the Team.

3.4   Roster Requirements.

3.4.1.  Players

Each Team may designate up to five (5) starting Players.

3.4.2.  Substitutes

Each Team may designate up to three (3) substitute Players per week from their squad list. These Players may replace Players during the Season. Teams may utilize any available substitute who is present on their Roster. Substitutes may change between weeks.

3.4.3.  Roster Locking

Throughout the tournament, rosters may have roster locking periods, where rosters will be unable to be altered prior to upcoming matches. After a roster lock begins, rosters will not be available for alteration. The PBC may overrule this due to unforeseen circumstances.


4. Regular-Season and Tournament Match Structure

4.1 Match Format

All matches (regular-season and tournament) will be designated as Best-of-3. 

4.1.1  Best-of-3 Definition

Each Best-of-3 match will consist of up to three (3) game matches on three maps, with the first team to two (2) map wins winning the match.  If neither team wins two (2) maps, a fourth tiebreaker map will be played (see 4.1.3).

4.1.2  Best-of-5 Definition

Each Best-of-5 will consist of up to five (5) game matches on five maps, with the first team to three wins winning the match.  If neither team wins three (3) maps, a sixth tiebreaker map will be played.

4.1.3  Ties

In case of a tie, an additional tiebreaker map will be played. Please refer to the chart below for the tiebreaker mode.  The assigned home team for that match will pick the map for the tiebreaker, however it cannot be a map that has been previously used in that match.

4.1.4  Standings 

PBC Standings will be updated each Monday, or the morning after each match is played


5. Match Details

5.1  Map Rotation

The first map of each match will be assigned by the Peach Belt Conference (see chart below).  The loser of the first game will pick the map for the second; the loser of the second will pick the map for the third.  Please see 4.1.3 for the tiebreaker map selection.

5.1.1  Game Modes

Game modes have been assigned for each week.  Should a match be rescheduled for a different week during the season, it will keep its originally scheduled game modes and game 1 map assignments no matter when it is played

5.1.2  Map Pool

Control Maps

Hybrid Maps

Escort Maps


Lijiang Tower

King’s Row

Dorado Colosseo



Junkertown New Queen Street


Blizzard World

Circuit Royal Esperança





Paraíso Route 66  
    Shambali Monastery  

5.2  Match Settings 

All games should be played with the ‘Competitive’ pre-set selected.  All maps except for the map being played should be set to ‘off.’  All heroes communicated to be banned (if any) should also be set to ‘off.’  The lobby should be set to ‘invite only.’

5.3  Game Mode/Map Schedule

The following game modes and map schedule will be used:


Game 1 Mode (Map)

Game 2 Mode

Game 3 Mode

Game 4 Mode

Game 5 Mode

Tiebreaker Mode*

Control (Busan)







Control (Lijiang)




Control (Ilios)




Control (Nepal)




Control (Oasis)




Control (Busan)




Control (Lijiang)




Control (Ilios)




Control (Nepal)




Control (Oasis)





(Not Played)


Control (Oasis)





(Not Played) 


(Not Played)

* - see 4.1.3 for tiebreaker map selection protocol

5.3.1 - Series Lengths

Best of 3: Control, Hybrid, Escort

- Tiebreaker: Push

Best of 5: Control, Hybrid, Escort, Push, Control (Not Played)

- Tiebreaker: Control (Not Played)

6. Match Rules

6.1  Game Restarts

The decision of what circumstances merit a game restart are solely at the discretion of the agreement of both team’s coaches/advisors. Restart protocol will be decided by Tournament Administration and communicated to the team before being executed.

6.2  Results

Competitors will be responsible for confirming and recording all game and match results and reporting them to

6.3  Technical Issues

Players are responsible for any of their own technical issues, including hardware, software, or internet issues.

6.4.  Streaming and Spectating

Players will be allowed to stream their matches during the regular season from their own perspective. Players streaming do so at their own risk. Participants on a roster of a Team in a match may spectate that Team only in that match using “Spectate red only” or “Spectate blue only.”

  • Spectators may stream matches so long as there is a 3-minute delay in the broadcast, and the sponsorship requirements in Section C below are followed. Spectators not on a roster may spectate with permission from both teams participating in the match. Spectators may also spectate both teams with permission from both teams. The Peach Belt Conference may revoke any spectator or Participants’ streaming privileges at any time upon giving notice.
  • Coaches are permitted to be in the spectator slots, and are permitted to use the overhead camera. This is to allow coaches to better analyze mid-match and make adjustments between maps or other allowed times for communication.
    • Any concerns of cheating must be submitted via the PBC support ticketing system and an investigation will be launched upon the presentation of valid evidence
  • Streamers are permitted to be in the spectator slots, and are permitted to use the overhead camera. This is to add to the viewer experience, which is greatly hindered by first person spectating. 
    • Any concerns of cheating must be submitted via the PBC support ticketing system and an investigation will be launched upon the presentation of valid evidence.

6.4.1 Institution Streaming

Institutions may stream their matches to their Twitch page following the guidelines listed below.

  • Streams must be on a delay of a minimum of 3 minutes
  • Streams must be saved to the institution’s Twitch page for a minimum of 14 days in the event of a match dispute
  • Spectators are allowed to use the 3rd person chase cam to provide the best possible experience for viewers
  • Spectators are not allowed to have any contact with their team during the broadcast. 
    • Teams are encouraged to set up their own discords for each match with both program’s spectators to ensure all streaming rules are being followed.

6.4.2. Player Streaming

Players are not permitted to stream to their personal Twitch accounts. This is to protect the branding of the institutions and the PBC. Players are permitted to stream their perspective to the institution’s Twitch, but will do so at their own risk to computer/gameplay performance and ghosting.

6.4.3. Broadcast Content

Tournament matches may not be broadcast on any channel which displays or otherwise broadcasts sponsored content in any form without Blizzard’s prior written approval. Blizzard must approve of all sponsored content on any channel which broadcasts content from the Tournament. Such sponsored content must not conflict with Blizzard’s core values or existing sponsors of the Tournament, Blizzard,or the Game, as determinable in Blizzard’s sole discretion.

6.5  Pauses

Ultimately, players are responsible for their own connection. A team may request a pause only in the presence of a technical issue. If you are the Team who controls the lobby, you must still request the pause and receive confirmation from the opposing team before initiating the pause. Teams must wait until the conclusion of any ongoing team fight before pausing. The default pause configuration is Ctrl+Shift+’=’. Each team may request a maximum of three (3) pauses per match, with each pause having a maximum duration of five (5) minutes. The team that does not request the pause must confirm the end time of the pause via the in-game ‘match chat’ once a pause is initiated. If a team does not unpause before their allotted time is depleted, they immediately use their next pause and add five (5) minutes to the current pause timer. If a team has no pauses left and their pause timer runs out, the Team that requested the pause will be forced to forfeit the current map.

6.5.1.Pause Communication

Pause requests will be communicated in match chat during an ongoing match. The details of why a pause is requested must be communicated to the opposing Team. If a Team requests a pause due to the presence of a technical issue, the opposing Team must confirm the pause after the conclusion of any ongoing team fight. Disputes will be resolved at the discretion of the Tournament Administration.

6.6  Playing “Man-Down”

Games may continue with a Team playing “Man-Down” (where a player fails to reconnect or solve technical issues and cannot participate in the remainder of the game). Games may not begin with a team playing “Man-Down”. If a Team is unable to field the required number of players by the final match start time, that team will be required to forfeit.

6.7  No-Show

Five (5) Players from each Team must be present in the match lobby within twenty (20) minutes of the scheduled match time. If a Team is unable to field the required number of players by the final match start time, that team will be required to forfeit.

6.8  Reservation of Rights

The Peach Belt Conference reserves the right to cancel, suspend and/or modify Tournament competition, or any part of it, if any fraud, technical failures, human error or any other factor within or outside of the PBC’s control impairs the integrity or proper functioning of Tournament competition, as determined by the PBC. If Tournament competition is so terminated, the Peach Belt reserves the right to determine the winners of said competition from among all non-suspect, eligible Participants.


7. Communication

7.1  Lobby Creation

The designated home team is responsible for inviting the opposing team and creating match lobbies and matches prior to their match start time.

7.2  Server Selection

The designated home team may request to play the first match on the server closest to them. After a map is played, the losing team may request to switch servers for the next map. 

7.3  Announcements

Large announcements, general information, ruleset, and bracket can be found via

Generation Esports -

Peach Belt Conference -, emails, and the official PBC Discord server. These sources can serve as an information hub for teams.

7.4  Email

Advisors/coaches and Players may email or contact Generation Esports through the Discord server for any issues that they experience, or to provide feedback as necessary.


8. Conduct

8.1 Sportsmanship

All Overwatch players are required to sign and adhere to the principles set forth in the PBC Code of Conduct.  The PBC expects all participants to act in a respectful and sportsmanlike manner at all times.  The PBC maintains the sole right in judgement for violations of these principles and standards for integrity and good sportsmanship.

  • 8.1.1  Participants may not use language or engage in conduct that is deemed by PBC Officials to be obscene, foul, vulgar, insulting, threatening, abusive, libelous, slanderous, or otherwise offensive or objectionable. Likewise,  Players may not promote or incite hatred or discriminatory conduct. Participants may not use this type of language in connection with PBC competitions, on social media, or in any public events such as streaming.
  • 8.1.2 Participants shall treat all individuals watching or participating in a PBC event with respect. Participants may not take any action or perform any gesture directed at another Participant, PBC Admin, or any other party or incite others to do the same which is abusive, insulting, mocking, or disruptive. Players may not use obscene gestures or profanity in their account names, player handles, game chat, lobby chat or live interviews. This includes abbreviations and/or obscure references.
  • 8.1.3 Participants may not offend the dignity or integrity of a country, private person or group of people through contemptuous or discriminatory words or actions on account of race, skin color, ethnic, national or social origin, gender, language, religion, political opinion, financial status, birth or any other status, sexual orientation, or any other reason.
  • 8.1.4 Participants are expected to behave in a professional manner as determined by the Peach Belt Conference. This includes being on time for all scheduled matches and ready to play. Participants must respond to requests from the PBC in a timely manner.

8.2 Competitive Integrity 

Teams are expected to play at their best at all points during any match and will maintain behaviors consistent with the principles of good sportsmanship, honesty, and fair play. The Peach Belt Conference maintains the sole right in judgement for violations of these rules and standards of integrity for competitive play. Unfair conduct includes but is not limited to the following conduct:

8.2.1 .Best Ability

Participants must compete to the best of their ability at all times.

8.2.2. Betting and Gambling

Participants may not, directly or indirectly, conduct, promote or benefit from any act of betting or gambling on or in connection with any matches.

8.2.3. Collusion

Participants shall not conduct or promote any act of collusion. Collusion is any agreement among two or more Participants to disadvantage opposing Participants.

8.2.4 .Match Fixing

Participants shall not offer, conspire or attempt to influence the outcome of a match by any means other than competitive play.

8.2.5. Hacking

Participants shall not conduct or promote any act of hacking or modifying the Game.

8.2.6 .Cheating

Cheating will not be tolerated. It is each Participant’s responsibility to know and understand the rules as they exist during the championship period. Any form of cheating will not be tolerated. If the PBC determines that a Player, coach/advisor or any of their agents or other representatives is cheating or otherwise interfering with the season, that individual will face penalties determined by the Peach Belt Conference. Examples of cheating would include, without limitation:

  •  Actions to maliciously intentionally alter, or attempt to alter, the results of any match, including losing a match to advance one Team or another Team’s position in the Tournament;
  •  Attempts to interfere with another person’s connection to the Game service through Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) or any other means; and 
  • Playing or allowing another person to play on a GameBattles account registered in someone else’s name.

8.3 Main Accounts

Players must connect their “main” Blizzard account to Generation Esports to compete in the PBC. Your main account, for this purpose, is defined as the account in which you have the highest rank or most play time. Players found actively hiding their main accounts may face repercussions and penalties at the discretion of the Peach Belt Conference.


9. Disciplinary Action

9.1  Investigation of and Right to Monitor Compliance.

To preserve the integrity of Tournament competition, the PBC will have the right to monitor compliance with these Official Rules, investigate possible breaches of these Official Rules, and impose sanctions for violations. Participants agree to cooperate with Tournament Administration in any such investigation. The failure by a Participant to cooperate with any internal or external investigation conducted by the PBC or its designee relating to a violation of these Official Rules is itself a violation of these Official Rules, including without limitation being untruthful or withholding, tampering with, or destroying evidence.

9.2 Assessment of Penalties

  • 9.2.1  Any violation of the Official Rules by one or more members of a Team will be subject to penalty. The nature and extent of penalties imposed will be determined by the Peach Belt Conference. All decisions of the PBC regarding rules violations or other issues regarding the season or championship are final.
  • 9.2.2 Penalties for rule violations will be assessed by the Peach Belt Conference. These penalties will vary in range between loss of side or map selection, to disqualification, in direct relation to the severity of the offense and the number of offenses committed previously by the same team