NJCCAE Warzone Match Connection Guide

  • Updated

Players will follow these instructions in order to connect to their match lobbies and report their scores after each match.

  • Players will add the designated lobby host to their friends list
    • Battle Net Tag: GenE#12556
    • Activision Tag: GenE#8727789
  • Players will join the match lobby by selecting "Join Lobby" from the GenE name on their friends list
  • Once players join the lobby, they will need to select a specific team to join.
    • Any attempt to intentionally join the incorrect team in order to disrupt the match may result in sanctions from the Sportsmanship Committee.
    • Both players must be present in the lobby in order to compete in the match.
  • All players must mute their microphone and the lobby
  • Lobby will open up 15 minutes prior to match start time
  • Match will start at designated time, lobby host will suicide upon match start
  • Players will complete the game, and then immediately take a screenshot of their final score
  • Screenshot must include the number of player kills and final placement
    • Players will submit their information through the designated Google form
    • Players will have 15 minutes after match ends to submit their scores
  • Failure to submit scores in that window will result in the maximum number of points for the match
  • The second match will begin 15 minutes after the end of the first match.