Triton Cup APEX Legends Rules

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APEX Legends

1. Anti-Cheat

No additional anti-cheat is required for official matches.


2. Match Procedure

Supported Platforms

  • PC
  • PS4
  • PS5
  • XB1
  • XBSX

2.1. Series Lengths

2 Games will be played every Tuesday in November

2.2. Game Lobby

Codes for each match will be shared in the tc-apex-legends discord channel in the Generation Esports Discord. All matches will be in the Trios Battle Royale game mode. 

2.3. Match Scoring

  • Total Team Kills: 1 point per kill
  • Placement
    • Top 10: 1 Point
    • Top 9: 2 Points
    • Top 8: 3 Points
    • Top 7: 4 Points
    • Top 6: 5 Points
    • Top 5: 7 Points
    • Top 4: 9 Points
    • Top 3: 11 Points
    • Top 2: 13 Points
    • Apex Champion: 16 Points


3. Restrictions

3.1. Sharing of Game Codes

The sharing of lobby codes is prohibited and may result in disqualification from the tournament. 

3.2. Teaming

Teams are prohibited from teaming up with each other to gain a competitive advantage over other teams. 


4. Stoppage of Play

Once a game has started it will not be stopped or reset for any reason outside of server/client side issues that disrupt the flow of the game. Personal lag or player disconnection from a match will not be considered reasons for a game reset.  


5. Team Rosters

APEX Legends rosters require 3 players in order to participate in official matches. Rosters that do not meet the required number or exceed the maximum number of players will be prohibited from  participation in official matches until their roster size meets the set requirements. Player substitutions may not be made at any time. 

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