Esports Educators Tournament Overview

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Key Dates

Registration Open


Regular Season

6/9 - 6/30

Makeup Queue Window


Playoff Seeding



7/14 - 8/5

Please note the rescheduling rules below.


Game & Format


Team Size


Match Length

Rocket League



Best of 5 Season

Best of 7 Playoffs

Format Name



4 weeks

Single Elim

4 weeks


Match Times

  • Thursdays @ 7 PM Central Time throughout the entire event. 
  • Makeup Queue: Last week of the season (6/30) @ 8 PM Central.



The playoffs will be seeded by the end of the day 7/5. The playoffs will be a single-elimination bracket, seeded according to the regular season leaderboard. A team must have played at least two matches to potentially qualify. Note: Playoffs will NOT use the queue system - instead you will see your match directly on your dashboard. 


Rescheduling Playoff Matches

We recognize that our educators have busy schedules, and therefore we will be more flexible than usual in allowing rescheduling! A match may be rescheduled, as long as the following conditions are met:

  • Both teams agree to the new match time in the match chat on their match page. If an agreement is reached via email/discord/another platform, it must be confirmed by both teams on the match page.
  • The match score must be reported by a designated day and time, which will be specified here by the start of the postseason.
  • If both teams cannot agree on a rescheduled time, the default match day and time will be Tuesday or Thursday at 9pm ET (6pm PT) as will be listed above.

To be cognizant of your time, no gameplay/series rules will be changed for the playoffs (all matches will remain best-of-five). There will not be a 3rd place match.



  • 1st Place winners receive exclusive EEC trophies!