Halo Infinite Custom Match Guide

  • Updated

For a Google Slide presentation on how to setup Halo Infinite matches - click here!

  • Important: Please ensure that the "community creations" option is set to "Everyone" in your Microsoft account settings under "Privacy & online safety". See below: 


  • Launch Halo Infinite from the Xbox home screen or your PC's game launcher. 
  • Select "Custom Game" from the main menu. 


  • Invite players to the in-game custom lobby. Usernames can be obtained through communication on the match chat, or by viewing the participants list at the bottom of the match page. 
    • PC players are recommended to use Xbox Game Bar or Xbox Companion App to add users by their Microsoft (Xbox) account name, which could be different than their Steam name.
    • Please ensure that Halo Infinite game connections are the user's Microsoft/Xbox name. 
  • If unfamiliar with Xbox Game Bar, please review the following Xbox support article HERE.


  • Adjust match settings to comply with your community's ruleset by using the "Mode Editor". 


  • When all players are ready, the lobby leader can start the match.