MSEL Patch Notes Spring '23

  • Updated

This article explains any significant changes or important procedure updates from a previous season to an upcoming season. For more detailed information, please see your game's official rules article. 


Contacting an Admin/Filing a Match Dispute

With Support and Tournament Administrators spending less time monitoring Discord, players and teams are requested to follow the listed methods of contact for issues they experience during the tournament.

Overall Spectator Rule Update

  • In tournaments where teams are permitted to have a spectator in their lobby for the purpose of streaming the game, a rule update has been implemented to prohibit the use of the new Generation Esports Wizard streaming service. All spectator streams will still be required to be broadcast on the School’s Twitch or Youtube channel. 

Rocket League

  • Spectator Slot
    • Rules surrounding the use of the spectator slot in Rocket League official matches have been updated. Please see the Rocket League-specific rules for more information.
  • 2v2
    • Rocket League 2v2 is here! They will use the same rules as normal MSEL Rocket League, the only change is the adjusted lobby size.
    • The roster for 2v2 Rocket League will follow the same size rules as other games. Making the max roster size 4.