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Developer: 1047 Games 

Publisher: 1047 Games

Platform: PlayStation, Xbox, PC (Windows & Linux)

Genre: First-Person Shooter (FPS)

Crossplay: Yes

Price: Free-to-play 

Rating: T for Teen (13+)

Splitgate 101

  • Splitgate is a fast-paced FPS described as "portal-fueled arena combat". 
  • The game is made by a group of former Halo developers and combines elements from the game along with "Portal".
    • The portal mechanic involves players setting a teleportation point on an applicable arena surface and then setting a second point to the spot they want to travel. 
  • Splitgate is currently run as 2v2 Team SWAT, with a score limit of 50 eliminations and an 8-minute time limit. The first team to reach 50 elims or the team with the highest elims at the end of 8 minutes will win the game. 
  • Team SWAT is similar to any standard team deathmatch mode, with a special rule of headshots being 1-hit eliminations. 


  • Knowledge of portal viewpoints is essential, as players are able to see through their placed portal and even shoot/eliminate enemies through a set portal. 
  • Portals can be removed by an opponent. 
  • When traveling through a portal, your momentum going in will carry over upon breaching the exit portal. This allows for high speed movement and traversal across an arena. 


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