League of Legends Game Overview

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League of Legends-Abkürzungen: Die wichtigsten Calls im Überblick -  Futurezone

Developer: Riot Games

Publisher: Riot Games (separate Riot account required)

Platform: PC, Mac OS

Genre: Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA)

Crossplay: No (Both PC and Mac OS use the same Riot Games client)

Price: Free-to-play

Rating: T for Teen (13+)

League of Legends 101

  • Commonly called "League", LoL involves 5v5 matches on the map "Summoner's Rift".
  • Created in 2009, League is now one of the top-tier esport titles in the world. 
  • Each player chooses a champion from a list of 140+. Only a single agent can be active on a team at one time.  
  • Competitive League matches occur on the map and mode called "Summoner's Rift". 
    • The objective of a team is to destroy the enemy's nexus (home base) by traversing down one of 3 lanes and defeating points referred to as "turrets". 
    • Each turret must be cleared to proceed down a lane. 
  • The team that destroys their opponent's nexus first will win the game. 


  • Players can pick from champions that fall into the following categories: 
    • Assassins, Fighters, Mages, Marksmen, Support, and Tanks. 
    • Each class has its role to play, and players should choose their lane accordingly. 
  • Each legend has its unique abilities, but all abilities in the game operate on a cool-down. 
  • Map knowledge is essential, especially being aware of movement through mid-lane. 
  • "Shopkeepers" can supply items to players that will aid in their ability to achieve the end goal. 


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