Apex Legends Game Overview

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Apex Legends Is Coming to Linux Thanks to the Steam Deck

Developer: Respawn Entertainment, Panic Button Games

Publisher: Electronic Arts

Platform: PlayStation, Xbox, PC, Nintendo Switch

Genre: First-Person Battle Royale

Crossplay: Yes

Price: Free-to-play

Rating: T for Teen (13+)

Apex Legends 101 

  • Apex is a team-based battle royale in which squads of 3 fight to be the last team standing. 
  • Like other BRs, there is a safe zone consistently shrinking throughout the game. 
    • The storm (outside the safe zone) does more damage as the game goes on. 
  • Apex borrows hero shooter elements from the likes of Overwatch, where players can choose a legend to play. Only one legend can be active on a team at a given time. 
  • Released in February 2019, Apex quickly gained 50 million players and cemented itself as a true contender for the best battle royale among the likes of Fortnite and CoD Warzone. 


  • Players can pick from legends that fall into the following categories: 
    • Support, Recon, Offensive, Defensive. 
    • Squadmates should carefully craft their squad with legends from different categories. 
  • More populated areas of the map will have better loot/equipment. 
    • "Hot Drop" zones have the highest tier loot but are the most populated. 
  • Abilities for these legends are sorted into the following: 
    • Passive - Perk(s) that are always active
    • Tactical - Needs to be initiated by the player and operates on a cooldown
    • Ultimate - Takes time to charge up to 100% and can be sped up by performing certain actions such as eliminations, assists, etc.