Rocket League Sideswipe Custom Match

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  • Launch the game from any compatible iOS/Android device. 
  • Hit the "+" button at the top left. 


  • Invite all necessary competitors to an in-game party. 


  • Once all members are in the same party, select "PARTY MATCH" near the bottom-right corner. 



  • Select the proper arena in accordance with the respective ruleset/format for your community: 
    • Shortstack (1v1)
    • S.C. Field (2v2)
    • Longfield (3v3)
    • Dunk House (Hoops) 
    • Rally Courts (Volleyball)
  • Press "START MATCH" once all players are ready, teams have been configured, and the proper arena is set. 
  • After a round, players must stay in the post-game lobby and wait for the party leader to select "NEXT MATCH". 







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