GenE Collegiate '22 - '23 Tournament Offerings

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This articles the various competitions that are offered through Generation Esports - Collegiate. 


Generation Esports - Collegiate will host separate initiatives throughout the season. The following tournaments and their matchmaking styles will be available for the 2022-23 scholastic year.

The Ramen Cup Club Series

  • Placements (Double Elim)
  • Two splits (Swiss)
  • Relegation Bracket (Double Elim)
  • Main Season (Swiss)
  • Playoffs (Single Elim)

Generation Esports - Collegiate Summer Series

  • Split 1 regular season (Swiss)
  • Split 1 Playoffs (Single Elim)
  • Split 2 Regular Season (Swiss)
  • Split 2 Playoffs (Single Elim)

Generation Esports - Collegiate Fall Series

  • Regular Season (Swiss)
  • Playoffs (Single Elim)

Winter and Spring Series TBD

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