Rocket League Sideswipe Game Overview

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How to Play Rocket League Sideswipe with Controller

Developer: Psyonix

Publisher: Epic Games

Platform: Mobile Android/iOS

Genre: Arcade Sports

Crossplay: Yes (between Android and iOS devices)

Price: Free-to-play

Rating: E for Everyone

Sideswipe 101

  • Rocket League sideswipe is a mobile 2D-spin on the classic Rocket League formula. Players must hit the ball with their cars into the opponent’s net and at the same time, prevent the opponent from hitting the ball into theirs.
  • Both welcoming to newcomers and exhibiting an extensive learning curve for those passionate about honing their skills, Rocket League is a highly accessible esports title for those who may be unfamiliar with gaming.
  • If the time reaches zero and the score is tied, an overtime will commence that ends only after a team has scored.
  • There are no positions like in typical sports. Offensive and defensive skills are necessary for every competitor. 
  • With each individual player controlling their own car, teamwork is an essential component of the game and can be the key to victory. 
  • Rocket League boasts a uniquely high skill ceiling due to its physics engine. Esports professionals and content creators are consistently discovering new and creative ways to outwit the opponent in “car soccer”. 
  • Players will need to achieve high levels of dexterity, quick-thinking, and communication skills in order to keep up with fast-paced gameplay. 


  • Basic mechanics of controlling your car in Rocket League: 
    • Drive/Reverse
    • Jump/Double Jump/Flipping (forward, backward, side)
    • Boost (extra speed; see below for more details regarding boost)*
    • Aerial (using jump + boost to have your car “fly”)
  • Boost operates on a rechargeable meter.
    • Using boost will expend the boost gauge until it reaches zero. 
    • Players can replenish boost by having their wheels on a surface (ground, ceiling, or walls).
    • Boost Management is a highly vital mechanic involving the amount of boost a player is using in certain scenarios (conserve vs. expend). 
  • Combining these various mechanics, players can execute highly technical individual or team plays on both offense and defense.  


  • You will find a guide on how to build a custom match for Rocket League Sideswipe HERE.

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