Solar Flare Season 4 Tournament Overview

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This article explains key dates, times, etc. for the Solar Flare Season 4 competition. This is an open tournament, however, players must be at least 16 years of age to register. Please ensure all players review the R6 GAME RULES before their 1st match. 


Key Dates



Registration Open

5:00 PM CT May 9th

Open Qualifier 1

May 27th-29th

Open Qualifier 2

June 3rd-5th

Closed Qualifier

June 10th-12th


Game Information

  • Battle passes are required for each player in order to compete. 
    • $35 per Qualifier OR $50 for both. 

Game Title

Team Size



Match Length

Rainbow Six: Siege







  • Regular-season matchups will be determined by the Queue SystemPlease review the QUEUE SYSTEM GUIDE for instructions. 
  • Teams can play each queue time (max. 9 matches per week).
  • Queue Times - 
    • Window 1: Opens at 6 pm EST - Closes at 6:05 pm EST
    • Window 2: Opens at 7:40 pm EST - Closes at 7:55 pm EST
    • Window 3: Opens at 9:20 pm EST - Closes at 9:35 pm EST

Stage Name

Format Name



Open Qualifier 1&2

Queue System

3 queues per day

3 Days (Fri, Sat, Sun)

Closed Qualifier 

Queue System

3 queues per day

3 Days (Fri, Sat, Sun)

Season 4 (Divisions)

Round Robin


5 weeks

Season 4 (Playoffs)

Double Elimination

3 Days  (Wed, Thurs, and Fri)

  • If no queue window is shown on your dashboard, utilize the make-up window Sunday at 3 pm CST.
    • Ensure that Battle Passes have been added to each player prior to joining the queue.


Round Robin Score Reporting

  • To report your match score, visit the regular season tournament page.
  • Select the "Matches" tab which will show 5 rounds (or weeks) of matches.
  • Select your group (A or 1 vs B or 2) and look through the rounds for the match that just occurred. 
    • The round will not necessarily correlate with which week is occurring in the season so be sure to look through all rounds to find the appropriate match.
  • Click on your match to see the match page and report the match score. 


Tournament Links

Open Qualifier 1
Open Qualifier 2





# of prizes

1st Place


1 per team

2nd Place


1 per team

3rd Place


1 per team


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