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This article explains all the necessary information about the upcoming CYC Playoffs (i.e.) days/times of matches, where to find the bracket, how many teams qualify, etc. 


16 rosters will qualify for the CYC Spring '22 Playoffs. 



  • All matches will be played at 7 pm Central. 
  • Playoffs are manually seeded; players will not use the queue system.
    • Matchups can be found on your GenE dashboard, either in "Today's Play Times" on matchday or in "Future Play Times" prior to Round 1. 

Monday 6/13

Tuesday 6/14

Wednesday 6/15

Thursday 6/16

Friday 6/17

Round 1 





  • You can only reschedule a playoff match if you meet the following criteria: 
    • Your competitor agrees to the new time on the match page.
    • The match score is reported by 11:59 pm Central Time before the day of the next round.
    • You contact support HERE 
  • If your opponent does not agree to the reschedule or the default time will remain.
  • If neither team can agree on a reschedule time and a score is not reported before the deadline, Generation Esports admins will investigate the situation and do one of the following:
    • Provide the win to whichever team made more of an effort to accommodate a reschedule
    • Assign a double-loss in the case neither team makes an effort to accommodate a reschedule


How to Qualify

  • A roster/player must:
    • End the season at a high enough leaderboard placement, relative to the above chart. 
  • The tiebreaker system will be run as a tiered protocol that will be used if multiple teams finish the regular season with the same overall record.

    1. Wins. (Forfeit wins and bye wins are scored as a full series undefeated win)
    2. Head-to-head record. (If the two tied teams have played each other, their match record against each other is compared)
    3. Overall game win percentage. (e.g. winning a match 3-0 is better than 3-2)
    4. Higher opponents’ game win percentage. (e.g. it is better to beat an opponent who  consistently won 3-0 than 3-2)
    5. Fewer forfeit losses.
    6. Fewer bye wins.
    7. The team which had a higher number of wins before their first loss.
    8. If the first loss is received after the same number of wins, then the team which lost to the stronger opponent (as defined by game win percentage) will be ranked higher.


Where can I view the playoff bracket?

  • Select "Tournaments" from the left-hand menu. 
  • Under "My Tournaments", choose CYC Rocket League.
  • Find the “Leaderboard” section and click the “Playoffs” tab (see example). 


  • Click the “Bracket View” button to open the playoff bracket for that specific game.
  • This is an example of a playoff bracket.



More Information 

  • Match disputes must be submitted by 11:59 pm on the same day of your match. Disputes can be submitted to GenE Support Staff here.
  • The match format (“Best of X”) is located on your playoff match page.
    • Please note that the match format could be different than the regular season
  • A player or roster’s seeding for a tournament is based on their MMR (matchmaking rating). Players gain MMR during the regular season by winning. MMR is reduced by losing.
    • The amount of MMR you gain or lose is based on the strength of your opponent. You get more MMR for beating a higher-ranked opponent and lose more for losing to a lower-ranked opponent.

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