Match Page & Match History

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This article explains how to use the Generation Esports match page to communicate with opponents, report scores, etc., as well as where to locate match history. For a guide on how to use the Queue System, please review the QUEUE SYSTEM 101 article. 


Match Page 

  • The match page is where teams/players can view their opponent's game names (gamertags), report scores (winning team/player only), and utilize the match chat.
  • A match page can be accessed in a few ways: 
    • Queue System - users are redirected to a new match page upon matching with an opponent
    • Prescheduled - Match page accessible in the "Today's Play Times" box on a user's dashboard or (in the case of playoffs) through a tournament page's leaderboard/bracket. 






Box 1

  • Game Time - Basic information showing the day & time of the match. 
  • Status - whether or not a score has been submitted (Incomplete or Finished).
  • Round - The "stage" or "week" of the specific competition (i.e. Round 4 is akin to Week 4). 
  • Home Team - The team who will create the custom/private match. This is randomly designated by the Generation Esports platform. 
  • Rules - Format (team size and "Best of x") & Game Rules ("See Details"). 

Box 2

  • Report Match Score - This is where the winning team will input the overall match score (games/rounds won vs. games/rounds lost). 
    • If the match was forfeited, You must first contact support before clicking the “win by forfeit” box under the winning team’s name.
    • You will need to choose the reason for the forfeit by using the drop down box.  
  • Round differential - round differential. (A team with 15 rounds won and 10 rounds lost will have a round differential of +5.) This applies to Valorant, Rainbow 6, CS:GO only and HSEL Premier Rocket league only.
  • "Contact Support" can be used to receive quick assistance from GenE support staff to settle a potential score dispute or report any sort of misconduct. 
  • Use "Share" to easily post-match results to socials!

Box 3

  • Match Chat - All players need to utilize the Match Chat feature on the right side of the match page to communicate with their opponent. 
  • Party Chat - Communicate exclusively with teammates. 
  • If your opponent is unresponsive, please contact our support team HERE.

Box 4

  • Participants - Displays both teams' roster information, most importantly each user's "Game Name" or gamertag that will be seen in-game. 
  • Also shows each team's admin name and email in case team admins need to contact each other. 


Match History

  • Upon submission of a match score, the history of the match will live on the "Dashboard" (home page of the platform) under "Match History".


  • Completed matches by all teams for a tournament can be found by navigating to the specific game's tournament page and viewing the "Matches" tab. 



Bye Wins

Here is an example of a "Bye win" match page. 



In the "Match History" tab of your dashboard, Bye wins are displayed like so: