Match Day Protocol

Match Day Protocol Video Guide

Startup Checklist


  • ~1 hour before the match: Turn on your gaming devices. Double-check that there are no system updates.
  • Launch the game from each device to double-check there are no game updates.
    • Bonus: build in some extra time for your students to warm up!
  • Players sign in to Generation Esports via a computer or mobile device
  • Once on the Dashboard, find the “Today's Play Times” window.
    • Ensure your students have selected the proper tournament in the drop-down

Match Time

  • Students: once it turns green, click the “Join Queue” button. (Video walkthrough here)
  • This action must be completed by all students who will be starting the match. Substitute students do not need to queue. 
    • Once the queue system creates a match, the page will refresh and place your students on the match page. 
    • In most games, the designated home team will create the private match* and invite their opponents
    • Play the match (usually a series).
    • We recommend streaming or recording your gameplay (where permitted)! Engage your parents and community, and have game footage to review.
  • Document the scores of each game by taking screenshots or pictures. 


  • For most games*, the winning team will report the score once the match has concluded.
  • Optional: huddle up with your players to debrief the match.

*Exclusions include Minecraft and League of Legends, where the server IP or tournament code will be provided on the match page and scores will be automatically reported by the server.

If you experience any issues right before, during, or after the match, please contact our support team.


Supplemental Resources