Gameplan: Educator Dashboard & Classrooms

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Educator Dashboard

Similar to the Generation Esports competition platform, the dashboard is the home page for all Gameplan users and displays the following: 

  • Most recent student activity. 
  • “To do” (upcoming assignments drills). 
  • Your classrooms (class periods). Classrooms can be sorted by: 
    • Newest / oldest first
    • Name
    • Last edited
    • # of students 



  • Displays classrooms you have access to and/or manage.
  • Similar sorting & filtering options to the educator dashboard.
  • Search function with the following optional filters:
    • Managed by (this would pertain to your organization/school)
    • Created (option to select a calendar date) 
    • # of students (can set a min. and max. #)

Creating a Classroom

  • Click “Create a new classroom” (top right of the window next to the search bar).
  • Fill out “General details”.
    • Classroom name
    • Description (optional) 
    • Thumbnail & Cover image
    • Classroom days of the week
  • Click “Create and continue”.

Classroom Homepage

Overview Tab

  • Displays lessons for the current week.
  • Can use left/right arrows to view other weeks.
  • “Edit Schedule” to adjust or add new lesson plans & training programs (see "Schedule").
  • Click on the classroom name in the top-left corner to return to the classroom homepage.

Members Tab

  • Shows all students in the classroom.
  • “Invite users” on the right will open a pop-up w/ 2 options:
    • Create a shareable invite link
      • Set expiration date & max # of uses
      • Option to customize invite code 
      • Click “create link” and share w/ students 
    • Invite users manually
      • Can only add existing Gameplan users to the classroom 
      • Search for a user by name
      • Can invite multiple users at once
      • Click “Invite” 
  • To remove a student, click the 3 dots on their card in the members home tab and select “Remove from classroom”.



The general "Settings" found next to "Schedule" will allow you to edit

  • Classroom name
  • Description
  • Thumbnail & Cover image
  • Days of the week that class is in session 
  • The “Members” tab allows you to invite users or delete ones in the classroom 
  • Delete classroom (not recommended).