LMS: Educator Dashboard & Classrooms

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Educator Dashboard

Similar to the Generation Esports competition platform, the dashboard is the home page for all Gameplan users and displays the following: 

  • Waiting for Grading (upcoming assignments drills). 
  • Upcoming Lessons
  • Your classrooms (class periods). Classrooms can be sorted by: 
    • Newest / oldest first
    • Name
    • Last edited
    • # of students 
  • Most recent student activity



  • Displays classrooms you have access to and/or manage.
  • Similar sorting & filtering options to the educator dashboard.
  • Search function with the following optional filters:
    • Managed by (this would pertain to your organization/school)
    • Created (option to select a calendar date) 
    • # of students (can set a min. and max. #)

Creating a Classroom

  • Click “Create a new classroom” (top right of the window next to the search bar).
  • Fill out “General details”.
    • Classroom name
    • Description (optional) 
    • Thumbnail & Cover image
    • Classroom days of the week
  • Click “Create and continue”.

Classroom Homepage

Overview Tab

  • Displays lessons for the current week.
  • Can use left/right arrows to view other weeks.
  • “Edit Schedule” to adjust or add new lesson plans & training programs (see "Schedule").
  • Click on the classroom name in the top-left corner to return to the classroom homepage.

Members Tab

  • Shows all students in the classroom.
  • “Add Students” on the right will open a pop-up with 2 options:
    • Create a shareable invite link
      • Set expiration date & max # of uses
      • Option to customize invite code 
      • Click “create link” and share with students 
    • Invite users manually
      • Can only add existing Gameplan users to the classroom 
      • Search for a user by name
      • Can invite multiple users at once
      • Click “Invite” 
  • To remove a student, click the 3 dots on their card in the members home tab and select “Remove from classroom”.

Edit Schedule

This page displays a calendar for your classroom. As you add assignments to this calendar, they are assigned to students and added to their calendar as well. You can assign lessons and drills in two ways:

  • Import Course: Import an entire unit at a time.
  • Single lesson: Click the blue "plus" button on any day to add a single lesson



The general "Settings" found next to "Schedule" will allow you to edit

  • Classroom name
  • Description
  • Thumbnail & Cover image
  • Days of the week that class is in session 
  • The “Members” tab allows you to invite users or delete ones in the classroom 
  • Delete classroom (not recommended).