LMS: Schedule & Grade Assignments

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  • List of students, % of the overall unit completed by a student, assignment type, and grading status. 
    • Grading status will be automatically updated to “Waiting for Grading” upon the submission of an assignment by a student. 
  • Use the search bar to find a specific student
    • Can filter by activity type and scheduled date

Grading Overview 

  • Calendar view of currently assigned tasks (discussions, drills, etc.)
    • Can sort by Classroom, or by only classrooms with activities waiting for grading. 
  • Click on a specific Activity to see a condensed list of all submissions waiting to be graded. 
  • The left-hand navigation will list all students and show grading status, which can be manually changed upon reviewing and scoring an assignment.



Found in the top right of the Classroom homepage, clicking on this will bring up a calendar view for assigning tasks/training drills/etc. to students.

Method 1: Assigning whole units

  • Select “Import training program” at the top left of the calendar
  • In the pop-up window, choose the content you want to include
  • Use the left-hand “Topics” checkbox or search for specific content
  • Click on a unit and choose “Select” on the right-hand side of the pop-up
  • Choose the days that this course will be assigned.
  • Can select a specific start day.
  • Option to choose any “Dates to skip” in case of holidays, etc. 
  • Click “Schedule”. 

Method 2: Assigning specific lessons

  • Click on a specific calendar date.
  • Select “Import existing lesson”. 
  • Use the left-hand “Topics” checkbox or search for specific content.
  • Click on the desired lesson and hit “Select”.
  • Clicking on a lesson will open a navigation bar w/ the following options.
    • “Open” - View the lesson materials
    • “Edit” - Adjust lesson content
    • “More” - Reschedule lesson(s) or remove lesson(s) from the classroom
  • Make sure to click “Save changes” whenever you make edits.
    • Click “Keyboard shortcuts” at the bottom-right for helpful key commands