Admin Responsibilities

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Team Management

Admins are responsible for the following team management steps: 

  • Creating an official HSEL / MSEL team on the GenE platform. 
  • Inviting students to the team (HSEL), OR
    • Having their success agent create generic GenE user accounts (MSEL or under the age of 13) for their students
  • Creating rosters, where students are grouped by game. 
  • Assigning any battle passes when applicable to proper team members.
  • Registering rosters and students for proper competition(s).

Walkthroughs of the steps above can be found in the HSEL / MSEL registration guide. 

Responsible students can be made a “Captain” on the platform by the educator/current Team Admin, allowing them to perform many administrative functions (eg. roster creation/registration, adding team members, etc.).



Admins are required to review and uphold with their students the following rules: 



HSEL/MSEL handles the scheduling of queue windows for the various game offerings. Admins are encouraged to work with their students in selecting the queue window that works best for playing their match each week during preseason/regular season. Sticking to the same queue window for all weeks is recommended. 


Since students are allowed to play from home, HSEL & MSEL do not require admins to be in attendance for official matches. If students are playing at school, please refer to your school’s policy regarding educator supervision. With this in mind, it is greatly encouraged that students play their matches on-campus under the educator’s supervision.


All admins are encouraged to host a weekly practice session, aside from the official match day. This can be an opportunity for students to hone their skills, connect with one another, scrimmage, grow academically through courses such as Gaming Concepts, etc. For a full list of recommended practice strategies, please refer to our official Esports Practice Guide.


We understand that your time is valuable and limited, so by no means is this mandatory.  Weekly practice sessions can also be student-led, granted you have exemplary student leadership to act as team captains. 



Review our Match Day Protocol (HSEL / MSEL) prior to gameday. 

Please note:Match Day Protocol is not a list of mandates, simply our recommendations to ensure that match day is a smooth and seamless experience!