Digital Athlete League Registration Guide

  • Updated

If you are looking to compete in multiple competitions/communities, please find the relevant community in the COMMUNITY LIST on Generation Esports and join as a player. All members of a team & roster must also be members of the community that is holding the tournament. 


Signing Up (All players)

  • Sign up for a free account on the Generations Esports website.
  • Select the "Player" option.
    • You must join the DAL Community as a player in order to compete in competitions. 

Game Connections (All players)

  • All new signups will be prompted to set a game connection after creating a Generation Esports account. 
  • Select your game(s) from the icons & enter your in-game name(s).
  • To add any future game connections:
    • Click “Connect Games” on the GenE Platform left-hand navigation.
    • Click “Add Game Connection”, select the game, enter your screen name for that game, and save.

Create a Team (team admins only) 

  • Click “Teams” on the left-hand navigation.
  • Select “+ Create Team”. 
  •  Name your team and confirm by clicking “Create Team”.  

Adding Team Members (team admins only)

  • Select “Members” on your team page.
  • Click “+ Add Member” to be able to generate a team invitation link.
  • Members will be added once they accept the team invite by clicking the link and (new accounts only) creating a Generation Esports account.
  • Video Tutorial

Purchase a Roster Pass (team admins only)

    • Select Battle Passes on the left-hand navigation.
    • Click "Purchase" on the respective roster pass. 
    • Check the box(es) for the roster(s) that need a pass.
    • Choose/enter your preferred payment method.
    • Click on "Complete Order". 
      • The roster pass(es) will be automatically applied to your selected roster(s). 

Registering for a Tournament (team admins only)

This process is for Team Admins/Captains to register a roster for any team-based tournament.

  • Click "Register Now" on the tournament page. 
  • Select an existing team or create a new team. 
  • Choose an existing roster or create a new roster. 
    • An empty roster can be created and selected during this process. Players can be added at a later time in order to complete tournament registration. 
  • You will receive either a "Registration Success" or "Registration Pending" status. 
    • "Success" = you have completed all prerequisites and are considered a participant in the tournament. 
    • "Pending" = not all prerequisites have been fulfilled. You will receive an email and platform notification detailing the steps needing to be taken in order to complete registration.