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The rules contained on this page only cover this specific game, please review the Generation Esports General Competition Rules for information covering all official tournaments.  

1. Anti-Cheat

No additional anti-cheat is required for official matches.


2. Match Procedure

*All players participating in the tournament must be between the ages of 13 and 18 years old. Players who turn 19 during the course of the regular season or playoffs will be permitted to participate. 

Supported Platforms

  • PC
  • Mobile (Hearthstone App)

This game supports crossplay. All players competing in this tournament will face each other, regardless of what console they play on

2.1. Series Lengths

Matches will be played as a best of 5 series in the regular season, playoffs and finals.

2.2. Style

The game will be played using the Shielded Conquest (Paragon) match style. The home team will issue the challenge.

The shielded conquest style is as follows:

  • Players choose 4 classes, 1 deck per class which they will be using in the match.
  • Classes must be declared at the start of the match.
  • Each player will choose one of their decks to “Shield”. The Shielded deck cannot be banned.
  • Each player will ban one class from their opponents’ pool of classes, leaving them with 3 classes for use in the match.
  • Win one game with each remaining class to win the match
  • Once you win with a class, you may not use it for the remainder of the match.
  • Decks may not be altered during the game. Entering the ‘My Collection’ tab could result in penalties.

3. Tournament Rules 

3.1. Game Connections

All players taking part in Youth Winner’s Circle tournaments are required to have an active game account for the tournament they’re participating in connected to their Generations Esports account. All game connection information shown on a team’s roster must match with the accounts in game. Players using different accounts or those not officially on the roster are prohibited from playing in matches. Only one account connection is allowed per game, the use of alternate accounts is prohibited. All account connections are prohibited from being changed after the team has participated in its first match of a tournament’s regular season.

If a player’s name does not match what is shown on their roster, please reach out to a Generation Esports Administrator through the live chat service for assistance while the game is still being played. Name discrepancy reports will not be accepted after a match has been completed. 

3.1.1. Account Ownership

Game accounts used in official tournaments must belong to the student participating using that game connection. At no point in time may players share accounts with each other or use an account of another person, regardless of if they are in the tournament or not.

3.1.2. School-Purchased Accounts

Schools may create accounts or purchase game licenses for their students participating in a tournament if they do not already have an active one. These accounts will be considered the students’ personal account and may only be used by one student each. These accounts and licenses may not be transferred to another student upon the previous student’s graduation or leaving the team, as this would be against any publisher’s Terms of Service or End User License Agreement.

3.2. Match Streaming

3.2.1. Spectators

Spectators are permitted in game lobbies for the sole purpose of streaming their team’s match to a Twitch or Youtube channel or to record the match. Spectators may not have any communication with team members while the game is currently being played and must not be a member of the roster participating in the match. At the end of the match, the stream vod or an unedited copy of the recording must be shared with the other team. The use of the Generation Esports Wizard streaming service is prohibited for broadcasting spectating games.

3.2.2. Player Streaming

Players may stream to their personal twitch or youtube channel if they are participating in the match. The match may only be streamed from the player’s in-game point of view and should have at least a 3 minute delay set to prevent possible incidents of stream sniping.

Players may not at any time stream another player or roster’s match on their personal channel.

3.3. Playoff Qualification

Teams must compete in and complete 75% of their Regular Season matches in order to be considered for playoff qualification. Teams who do not meet this requirement will be removed from qualification consideration regardless of their final record. 

3.3.1. Unplayed Matches

Any match or queue that a team misses or does not complete will result in the match being counted as a loss against the team's record at the end of the regular season.

3.4. Playoff Qualification Tiebreakers

The tie breaker system will be run as a tiered protocol that will be used if multiple teams finish the regular season with the same overall record. 

  • Wins. (Forfeit wins and bye wins are scored as a full series undefeated win)
  • Head-to-head record. (If the two tied teams have played each other, their match record against each other is compared)
  • Overall game win percentage. (e.g. winning a match 3-0 is better than 3-2)
  • Higher opponents’ game win percentage. (e.g. it is better to beat an opponent who  consistently won 3-0 than 3-2)
  • Fewer forfeit losses.
  • Fewer bye wins.
  • The team which had a higher number of wins before their first loss.
  • If the first loss is received after the same number of wins, then the team which lost to the stronger opponent (as defined by game win percentage) will be ranked higher.


4. Deck Content

4.1. Format

All player’s decks must be in the ‘Standard’ format.

4.2. Decks

Players may not have multiple decks created for the classes which they are using during the series. Players may not have any invalid cards in their decklists at the start of the game. Players should name their decks with the following nomenclature as to not give away the deck archetype should proof be requested: “YWC  vs (Opponent’s Battletag)”.

4.3. Right to Proof

Players or Generation Esports Administration may request a screenshot of all pages of the deck select screen at any time. Generation Esports Administration may also request a full decklist of each of the decks which the player has in their deck select screens. Players are forbidden from leaving the deck select screen should proof be requested. Failure to provide proof will be considered an admission of guilt.

4.3.1. Multiple Decks for a Class

Should a player’s deck select screen show that they have multiple Standard decks for a class which they are using in an official match, their opponent may request that they go into the collection tab and delete the extra decks. Failure to comply with this request will result in a forfeiture of the match.

4.3.2. Mismatch of Decklist and Used Deck

If a player’s decklist at the start of an official match (which must be provided at the request of Generation Esports Administration) has a mismatch with cards played in an official game (excluding cards with text indicating that they were created as the result of another card’s effects), the player may be considered as cheating during an official match. 

4.4. Player Responsibility 

Players are responsible for having a decklist created for the decks they are using in an official match. Generation Esports or opposing players are not responsible should a decklist be lost if the deck needs to be deleted.


5. Restrictions

5.1. External Applications

Any 3rd party services such as mulligan guides, or decklists are not permitted for use in official matches. The use of such services is considered cheating.

5.2. Deck Tracking Software

The Hearthstone Deck Tracker is permitted to be used in play. Other deck tracking software is prohibited from use. 

5.3. Cards

“Whizbang the Wonderful” and “Zayle, Shadow Cloak” are not permitted for use in official matches.

5.4. Spectators

Spectators are permitted in game lobbies for the sole purpose of streaming their school team’s match to the School’s Twitch or Youtube channel. Spectators may not have any communication with team members while the game is currently being played. At the end of the match, the stream vod must be shared with the other team.


6. Stoppage of Play

6.1. Player Disconnection or Leaving the Match

Leaving the ‘Friendly Challenge’ screen may result in penalties and a potential forfeit loss. The only exception to this rule is if the player’s client crashes during the match. Players missing turns due to a client crash will not be grounds for the match to be reset.


7. Team Rosters

Only one roster is required for all Hearthstone players on a Team. Each player on the roster will be given their own match when they queue up at the designated match time. No player substitutions can be made at any point during the match, as the matches are set to be played 1v1.

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