DAL Rainbow Six Siege Rulebook

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Rainbow Six Siege

1. General Rules

1.1. Validity of the Rules

1.1.1. Acceptance of the Rules

All participants unconditionally accept the rules and decisions of tournament organizers, administrators and referees. All decisions are final, except where an appeal option has been clearly established. The administrators and referees reserve the right to pronounce a decision on a case which is not specially covered by these regulations in order to preserve sporting fairness and the spirit of competition.

If a provision of the regulations were to be invalid or impracticable, partially or completely, this would in no way affect the validity of the rest of the regulations. In place of the invalid or impracticable provision, an appropriate provision will be applied in the spirit and respect for sports equity

1.1.2. Modification of the Rules

The arbitrators reserve the right to add, modify or withdraw rules to these Rules without restriction. All participants must regularly check for updates to the Rules.

1.2. Prerequisites

The conditions indicated below are general to all DAL competitions. Additional, game-specific provisions (or game mods) may be required later in these rules.

1.2.1. Discord Account

All players participating in this competition must have a Discord, which will be renamed to the corresponding Uplay gamertag in the DAL Discord server. It is not allowed to have multiple Discord accounts for the same player.

A player is only allowed to participate in a competition with one team and must join before the start of the competition.

1.2.2. Nationality & Residence

A team participating in a competition must have at least 50% of the required number of players of nationality and / or residing in the country that the team represents.

1.2.3. Eligibility

The eligibility criteria (age, residence etc ...) to participate in this competition are clearly indicated here.

All participants must:

  • Have a copy of the game.
  • Not to have been banned from the game by Ubisoft.
  • Not to have been banned from competitions DAL.

1.2.4. False Country of Residence

A player's country of residence must always be their current country of residence.

1.2.5. False Nationality

The nationality of a player must always be his nationality indicated on official documents (passport, identity document).

1.2.6. Players and Team Nicknames

The administrators and referees reserve the right to modify the nicknames and / or names of the teams, in particular if they are too similar to those of other players or teams or if they do not respect the code of conduct. In the event of a claim of name ownership, please contact an administrator with the necessary proofs.

Only registered members are allowed to play for a team. A team and its members must play with their nicknames officially registered on their Discord accounts.

1.2.7. Game Version

All players must install the latest version of the game in order to participate in the

competitions. Updates must be installed before the start of the competition to avoid delays.

1.3. Code of Conduct

Should two opposing teams have a different first language, we ask them to communicate in English with each other.

1.3.1. Behavior

All players must always behave in an appropriate and respectful manner towards other players, spectators, the press, streaming teams, referees and organizers of the competition.

In addition, unfair conduct such as ( non-exhaustive list ) cheating, exploitation of bugs, account theft or untimely and voluntary disconnections will be punished. Players are expected to have fair play behavior. The administration of the tournament is the guarantor of the sustainability of this commitment and will take the necessary decisions in the event of default by the participants.

1.3.2. Insults

All insults committed during a DAL match or on DAL platforms can be punished. This includes ingame discussions of the corresponding game, guest books, forums, match or news comments, discussions in the match chat. Insults which occur on external messaging are not taken into account. Penalties are no longer limited to penalty points and barrages, but may also contain the following depending on the incident, the location and the frequency of the insult:

Penalty points and barrages are awarded for incidents during DAL matches

Insults or inappropriate behavior in comments or other options for contacting a player will result in a ban on forum and comments.

Serious incidents, including but not limited to the following, can be punished in other ways:

  • Extremist statements
  • Threat of violence
  • Sexual harassment
  • Stalking
  • Serious insults
  • Pornographic links

The right to appeal is only valid for victims.

1.3.3. Spamming

Posting in an excessive, insulting and futile manner or in order to disturb your opponent is considered spam. Spamming on the Discord will be penalized. Spam in play is also penalized in the same way. A protest must be made with proof of spam ( screenshots , video ...)

If the in-game chat functions are used improperly in order to annoy or disturb the opponent, or more generally to hinder the smooth running of the match, the players / teams responsible may be sanctioned accordingly.

1.3.4. Lies & Deception

Attempting to deceive an Admin or participants with false statements, match media or data is not tolerated and will be punished.

1.3.5. Confidentiality of Exchanges

The content of complaints (also called “ protest ”) and any other correspondence with the arbitrators is considered to be strictly confidential. The partial or complete publication of these communications without prior authorization is strictly prohibited and may result in sanctions against the participant.

1.3.6. Betting

Betting at any event (by a player, a team, or on behalf of any other person associated with the team) is prohibited. By violating this rule, your team will be disqualified and suspended for a minimum of 6 months.

1.3.7. Sponsors & Partnership

The administrators and referees reserve the right at any time to prohibit and / or exclude from its competitions, teams with sponsors or partners who are exclusively or widely known to promote pornography, the use of drugs or other adult themes.

1.3.8. Conflicts of Interest

Members of the staff, regardless of their function, are not allowed to exercise their functions in any tournament where they are registered as players.

1.4. Technical Problems

The players are responsible for their equipment and their Internet connection as well as any technical problems that may arise from it. The matches will not be postponed due to technical problems and will be played anyway. If the pause time is exceeded, the game continues, even if the problem is not resolved.

1.4.1. Disconnected Player

If a player leaves the server during a match, the round will continue without interruption until the end (the round begins at the first second of the preparation phase) if one team leaves the round before the end, the other team will get the turn point. Once the round is over, the player who has logged out will be allowed to join the server or a new host may be requested.

The match is considered "live" when the operator's ban begins. At least half of the players must remain (3 players in a 5v5 match and 2 players in a 3v3 match) and the match must be played until the end of the match and a winner is chosen.

If this is not possible due to connection problems, this will be considered a lost round to the team which may have all the players on the server.

Each team can re-host the server once on a map. If such problems reappear, for example a player who abandons when the match has already been rehosted, the team must play the map with the conclusion of the remaining players. Any abuse of this rule will be considered cheating and will result in penalty and even disqualification of the team.

Each user is responsible for his own material.

1.4.2. Rehost and Timeout

Rehosts are possible up to 30 seconds in the action phase if no player has been killed.

Should an official league observer be present :

Players of the team in question should indicate that they wish for a rehost in game chat. The game observer will then respond with a confirmation should the original message asking for a rehost have been posted within 30 seconds of the action phase.

Should the match be played without an observer :

All members of the resettlement team must leave the match before the first 30 seconds of the action phase. If all members of the rehosting team have not left the match within the time limit, this will count as loss of the round. A rehosting does not have to be confirmed by the opponent.

If a team leaves the game because of a protest, it does not count as a rehosting.

After a rehost, the defending team may pick a different bomb site and operators than they did in the original round.

Administrators can decide that multiple re-hosts are appropriate depending on the circumstances. For example, Ubisoft servers have problems.

If a game is interrupted, it must be continued where it left off, by re-host. If a game has to be replayed due to a change of host, players must choose the same operators, the same sixth choice, the same bombing sites and the same equipment.

The number of re-hosts allowed depends on the format of the correspondence:

  • Bo1: max. 2 re-hosts (1 per team)
  • Bo2: max. 4 re-hosts (1 per team on each map)
  • Bo3: max. 6 re-hosts (1 per team on each map)

If a team does not resume the match 5 minutes after a reorganization, the administrative team must be informed thereof by means of a protest. The administration team will allow a little more time depending on the circumstances.

1.4.3. Unauthorized Operators

In the event that your opposing team plays as a prohibited operator in the action phase, a protest must be opened with a screenshot of the dashboard / player in the action phase where it is clearly visible that the operator was played.

Currently banned operators:

  • No operators are banned at the moment.

Playing as a prohibited operator results in a game loss. Subsequent use of unauthorized operators may result in disqualification.

1.5. Streaming & Spectators

All broadcasting rights for matches organized by DAL are the exclusive rights of the organizers. This includes all forms of broadcasting or recording including, without limitation, Streaming, Replay, demos ... administrators and arbitrators can, for specific meetings, delegate broadcasting rights to a third party. A participant cannot refuse to see his match broadcast, nor can he choose by what means the match will be broadcast.

1.5.1. Broadcast & Streaming

Broadcasting a match is only allowed with the consent of an admin. To obtain this agreement, please contact an admin.

1.5.2. Personal Stream

Broadcasting his point of view is not permitted when an official caster broadcasts the match in question. If the match is not broadcast by an official caster then the player is authorized to stream his game. However, it will not be possible to file a complaint for "Stream-sniping".

1.5.3. Spectators

The presence of spectators during a match must be the subject of a written agreement on the discord or the match chat by a member of each team. It is not possible to open a complaint for a dispute concerning the presence of spectators if the two participants have accepted the presence of spectators. Admins can oppose the presence of spectators during a match.

In addition, the administrators and any person explicitly authorized by the administrators (ex: shoutcasters, streamers) will have priority in occupying the spectator seats of the game. It is not possible to refuse to invite an official caster if an administrator requests it.

1.6. Rewards

1.6.1. Receiving Rewards

For Cash-Prize type rewards, you must send a Discord message to admins where a specific procedure will be given to you. In addition, Cash- prize is paid within a maximum period of 3 months after the official end of the competition.

In the case of a team, a player of the team is designated to receive the full amount won (exceptions may exist in the event of serious disagreements). Administrators and referees are not responsible for the distribution of winnings among team players. A minor player cannot in any way receive a sum of money from the referees and organizers. A person responsible for the minor must be designated to receive the funds.

To receive any other type of reward, please contact an admin where you will be given a procedure.

If a prize is not claimed within 90 days of the official end of the competition, then the prize will be considered lost.

1.6.2. Exclusions

Unless expressly authorized otherwise, administrators and referees are not authorized to participate in tournaments where prizes are put into play.

The prizes include cash prizes, physical prizes (e.g. equipment, chair, etc. ) and digital prizes (item, skin or virtual game currency). Medal type prizes are not considered as endowments.


2. Tournament Rules

2.1. Communication & Help

Please use the Discord server features for assistance during the tournament. 

2.2. Additional Agreements

Certain arrangements between participants are permitted. These provisions may differ slightly from the rules. Agreements that differ too significantly from the regulations are however prohibited. Please note that the rules are established to ensure fairness among all participants. It will not be allowed to open a complaint after a match if you think that the agreement made has caused a disadvantage for you and / or your team.

The rules that you can change by agreement are explicitly stated. Rules without explicit writing cannot be modified by agreement between the two participants.

All additional agreements between participants depending on the rules must be clearly indicated on the Discord server and it is imperative to clearly identify the match in question. Your opponent must confirm this arrangement following your comment. In order to avoid any misuse of the "edit" function, a third comment must be written afterwards to seal the agreement. It is strongly advised to keep screenshots and / or log files of your agreement. If you do not fulfill these conditions, no complaint concerning these agreements will be studied.

Finally, the following rules cannot in any case be modified by additional agreements:

Enter a result for matches that have not been played.

Allow players to participate while suspended for excess penalty points or for any other reason.

2.3. Confirmation of Participation (Check In)

All players must be online and ready to play at the defined match times. The teams must respect the registration stages and confirm their presence on time. Failure to confirm its presence will result in your non-participation in the tournament without the possibility of further integration. 

2.4. Pre-Match Preparations

Please make sure you are ready to play the matches as soon as possible and have any problems resolved before the start of a match. Connection or equipment problems during a match are your sole responsibility and may lead to disqualification by the referees. The match must be played within the parameters imposed by the tournament rules.

2.5. Results/Résultats

Both match participants are responsible for entering a correct result on Discord within 10 minutes of the end of the match.

Both participants must therefore take a screenshot ( " Screenshots ") at the end of each round of a match where the result appears clearly then upload it right after the match on Discord. If you have a conflict in the match, please open a complaint as soon as possible, so that the staff can study the situation and take a quick decision. The decision may result in the disqualification of the two participants, if the admin considers there is insufficient evidence to clearly identify a winner.

2.5.1. Fair Result

For any competition, players and teams must not enter bad information regarding the result of a match (ex: enter a result while your opponent is away). Entering a wrong result will be punished. 

2.5.2. “Closed” Matches

A match indicated as " Closed " is a match whose score has been validated by both participants or by an Admin. It is not possible to modify such a result by yourself. In specific cases, an Admin can modify the result of a match.

Within the framework of a tournament, if a participant enters a result on an "Open" match and no modification or contrary information is made within 15 minutes which follow (either by the opening of a complaint, or by a change of the score or by the upload of screenshots proving the true score), then the match will be manually validated by the Staff Admin without possibility of making change the result then.

2.6. Leaving a Cup

You cannot leave a Cup without asking an Admin to remove you from it. You must contact an admin to request that you or your team be removed from the Cup. 

2.7. Absence

Should a team take more than 15 minutes to get all their players in the lobby and ready to start after the set start time of the match, their opposing team may open up a protest for no-show and win by forfeit. We suggest you get your players in the lobby whilst the mapbans happens to streamline the match preparation process and save on time. 

2.8. Forfeit

A participant may request to be forfeited at his request. A forfeit à is irreversible. The consequence of a forfeit is:

The opponent of this participant obtains a victory by default and goes to the next round.

2.9. Disqualification

To keep the competitions as fluid as possible, the referees and organizers reserve the right to disqualify players according to the following circumstances (non-exhaustive list):

  • Insults
  • Deliberate delays
  • Absence from a match
  • Absence of response from an opponent or an admin
  • Failure to respect the instructions of the teams Admins
  • Violation of the rules

2.10. Protest

If a problem arises during a match that you cannot resolve with your opponent, you must open a complaint to report the incident within 10 minutes of the end of the match. The referees and organizers reserve the right to reduce this period in the event of significant delays in the running of the competition. Match complaints must contain match media clearly proving the incident (use of bugs, cheat , insults etc ...) or the final result of the match. 

2.11. Match Media

All match media (screenshots, demos, etc.) must be kept for at least 14 days. In general, you must upload the match media at the end of the game. Match media must be clearly named to quickly identify them. It is not possible to file a complaint or write a support ticket to complain about a bad name for the match media. However, if an admin is hampered in his work due to wrong or misleading media names then he can decide to sanction the player. 

2.11.1. Screenshots

You must upload a screenshot of the results for each match played but also when you encounter an unforeseen situation (Logout , insults etc ...). Both competitors are responsible for uploading match media. You have 15 minutes to upload the match media after your match has ended. Photos from a smartphone are tolerated but we advise you to use the native functions of your PC or Console to obtain sharper captures.

2.11.2. Missing Match Media

A screenshot with the result of the match must be uploaded at the end of the match. In the event of a missing screenshot , participants may be penalized in accordance with the "Penalties" section, more detailed in these regulations. In addition, in a Cup and in a protest, if no participant is able to prove the match score, then both participants will be disqualified. 

2.11.3. Fake Match Media

Participants must not upload fake match media such as screenshots in the game, the screenshots of the lobby or other screenshots that could be used to falsify an advantage to the opposing team. Providing false match media to distort a result will be punished. 

2.12. Cheating

2.12.1. Cheat

Any form of cheating in matches is strictly prohibited and will be punished.

Players caught for cheating outside of a match may be temporarily suspended from competitions based on the evidence available. Please note that we do not accept publicly submitted demos or screenshots in these specific cases.

If the administrators are aware that a form of cheating has been used for the benefit of a player or a team during a match, then the referees and organizers reserve the right to punish them. By breaking this rule, a player risks being suspended for up to two years from all competitions. The team will also be punished accordingly.

2.12.2. Prohibited Software

The use of third-party software, any form of tampering with the game’s code or servers or any gathering of information obtained from watching the match’s broadcast while playing with the intention of, or potential to, create an unfair advantage for a Team or Player, is prohibited.

Any and all programs that allows/enables remote access to a PC and/or change, mark or hide an IP address, including but not limited to the following list, will be cause for immediate disqualification for the entire Team:

TeamViewer Parsec RemotePC LogMeIn Remote Desktop Manager Chrome Remote Desktop Windows VPN NordVPN ProtonVPN OpenVPN Tor Network

2.12.3. Anti-Cheating Mesures

All players are required to have an active MOSS recording prior to launching the game and for the whole duration of the matches and to upload the generated anti-cheat file to https://www.mediafire.com/ and to post the generated share link to Discord's match chat or in their team's chat. Posting the MOSS file directly into the discord channel is also allowed, provided the file size does not exceed the limit imposed by the Discord platform. Should a player fail to do so and be protested, they will automatically be found guilty. 

2.12.4. Promotion of Cheats

Contributing to the dissemination of cheats in any way is not permitted. This includes and is not limited to promoting the name, website or logo of cheats anywhere on the Discord server or in the game.

Breaching this rule may lead to a warning and up to the exclusion of competitions for most serious cases.

2.12.5. Illegal Programs and Hardware Tools

In general, all programs that are not included in the original game, including customization of the game, are not allowed. Voice communication programs (such as Teamspeak , Discord etc.) are allowed. It is strictly forbidden with the help of software, scripts or graphics card drivers to modify the configuration of the game, remove graphic textures or obtain an unfair advantage against your opponent. Using features from these same programs to display the performance of your system while playing (except to indicate FPS) is also prohibited.

You will be punished regardless of whether the changes were made using external hardware or software and regardless of whether you actively use them or not.

2.12.6. Bugs

The use of bugs, known or not, of the game is strictly prohibited. If a complaint is opened on this subject with irrefutable proof, you will be penalized in accordance with the chapter "Penalty points" accessible below in the regulations. 

2.12.7. Other Cheating

Any other form of cheating is not tolerated . In the case of confirmed cheating, the team of the player (s) in question is immediately withdrawn from the tournament and banned from all competitions for 6 months. Players may have to install an anti- cheat tool on their PCs for the duration of the tournament. DDoS

Limiting or interrupting an opponent's connection by any means (Distributed Denial of Service) is not allowed. Illegal Arrangement

It is strictly forbidden to find an arrangement on a match to declare it in favor of a participant, distorting the result of a competition. If such a violation is found, a heavy penalty will be attributed to the protagonists of the arrangement. Account Sharing

Authorizing another person to use your account to play for you during an official match is strictly prohibited and will be penalized as indicated below ( Ringer / Faker )


3. R6S Specific Rules

3.1. General

3.1.1. Eligibility of Players

All players participating in competitions on the R6S game must enter their game account (Xbox Account / PSN Online ID / Uplay Nick) on Discord. This game account is required to invite players to custom games and to check if they are the right players. In order to participate in tournaments, you must meet the following conditions:

  • You must be a registered player on the Discord platform.
  • You must have an active and active game account registered on your profile.

If you do not meet these conditions, you will be considered ineligible.

3.1.2. Players

Anyone with an active ban by Ubisoft on Rainbow Six Siege is ineligible to participate in all Rainbow Six tournaments organized by the DAL. This ineligibility will last as long as the ban. All players of a team participating in a match must have registered their Game Account on the Discord server.

Only players who joined the team before the start of the tournament can participate in it.

In the case of league matches, unlimited roster changes are allowed mid event but a player must be on the roster for at least a month before he can be taken off the roster to avoid excessive roster changes.

3.1.3. Replacements

A player can only take part in a match if he is on the match sheet before the start of the tournament. An unregistered player participating in a match will lead to the disqualification of the team for this tournament. 

3.1.4. Team Size

A team must have at least 5 members on its roster at all times and can have no more than 8 members at a given time.

3.2. High Ping

The ping limit for a match is 150 ms. In case of ping concern, please make a rehost first before opening a protest and check the server settings (dedicated server). If the problem persists and it is impossible to play the match normally, you must open a protest before the end of the match and provide at least 3 screenshots of the scoreboard at several times over two rounds, indeed ping is considered high only if it is constantly above 150. 

3.3. Prohibitions in Tournament

3.3.1. Bugs & Glitches

The use of bugs and glitches known and defined by Ubisoft is strictly prohibited. 

3.3.2. Macroscripts

All kinds of macroscripts are prohibited. 

3.3.3. Illegal Graphics Settings

The use of software or tools supplied with your equipment which allows you to modify the graphic properties or the textures of the game is prohibited and generally punishable by 6 penalty points. 

3.3.4. Interdiction Pour Consoles

The use of non-regular joysticks or adaptable keyboards is strictly prohibited for our console tournaments. Their use will be penalized with 3 to 6 penalty points. 

3.3.5. Spawnkilling/Spawnpeaking/Spawnrushing

The use of instant spawnkill (killing an attacker the moment he reappears) is prohibited. We consider that an instant spawnkill takes place when a defender kills an attacker between 3min and 2min57 of play. Any request for arbitration for spawnkill must obligatorily be accompanied by a video proof with the display of the scoreboard after the disputed action. 

3.3.6. Unallowed Cosmetics

During Rainbow Six matches, players can only use the battle dress uniforms and headgears listed below. All others battle dress uniforms and headgears are banned from use in competitive play:

  • Operator’s default skins
  • Pro League skins (gold sets)
  • Esports Teams’ cosmetics (Pilot Program 1, 2, and any future esports Team related cosmetics)

Weapon skins and charms are not subject to any restriction.

If any player of a team will select a cosmetic that is currently listed as banned the tournament administration should be notified through a discord notification with a clear screenshot with the ineligible cosmetic with the player name visible before the start of the next round in order to be eligible to create a support ticket for it.

The team of such a player will receive a penalty based on the list below:

  • 1st violation - Match warning
  • 2nd violation - Round loss
  • Further violations - Disqualification

3.4. Tournament Rules

3.4.1. Mapban & Game Hosting

The map ban is carried out with the help of an admin or by consensus of the two teams. The team that removes a map last chooses the side of the map on which it will play (attack or defense).

The team with the highest Seed (the lowest number in the bracket) gets the right to host the game ( host right ). The game must be hosted on a dedicated server.

In case the players of both teams have a ping higher than 100, the team hosting the game will have to determine a new host. If the problem recurs, then the host team loses this privilege and the opponent is appointed to host the game. Match Settings

  • Playlist Type: Normal Mode
  • Server Type: Dedicated Server in CUS region
  • Voice Chat: Team Only
  • Time of the Day: Day
  • HUD Settings: Pro League
  • Number of Bans: 4
  • Ban Timer: 20
  • Number of Rounds: 12
  • Attacker/Defender Role swap: 6
  • Overtime Rounds: 3
  • Overtime Score Difference: 2
  • Overtime Role Change: 1
  • Objective Rotation Parameter: 2
  • Objective Type Rotation: Rounds Played
  • Attacker Unique Spawn: On
  • Pick Phase Timer: 15
  • 6TH Pick Phase: On
  • 6TH Pick Phase Timer: 15
  • Reveal Phase Timer: 5
  • Damage Handicap: 100
  • Friendly Fire Damage: 100
  • Injured: 20
  • Sprint: On
  • Lean: On
  • Death Replay: Off Game Mode

All games are played in Team Deathmatch - Bomb with the following gamemode specific rules:

  • Plant Duration: 7
  • Defuse Duration: 7
  • Fuse Time: 45
  • Defuse Carrier Selection: On
  • Preparation Phase Duration: 45
  • Action Phase Duration: 180 Map Pool

Here is the official map pool of the competition:

  • Chalet
  • Oregon
  • Club House
  • Bank
  • Kafe Dostoevsky
  • Villa
  • Border
  • Theme Park
  • Skyscraper Wrong Settings

If a team realizes that the match parameters are not correct , the match must stop until the game is restarted with the correct parameters. The rounds played previously with the wrong parameters must still be counted (unless it is the first round). If in the same match, a new error occurs, the host team automatically loses the map and the opposing team recovers the rights to host the next map. 

Note: It is impossible to file a complaint if a map or the match has been played in full with the wrong parameters. It is the duty of both teams to ensure that the match takes place under the conditions listed above.

3.4.2. Game Preparation Match Postponement

Matches scheduled until 11:00 p.m. CET (inclusive) must be played the same day. The following matches may be postponed until the following day. If both teams wish to play this match(s), they can of course play, but if this is the case, the administrators will not necessarily be available. 

3.4.3. During a R6S Match Player Disconnection & Rehost

Each team has the right to a rehost per game. The rehost must be requested during the operator selection phase or during the preparation phase, before the start of the action phase. All players must use the same operator and location of appearance if the rehost was requested during the preparation phase. A Rehost cannot last more than 10 minutes. If you have a concern, open a protest and follow the administrators' directions. Kicked Players

If a player excludes an opponent from the server without reason, his team will be disqualified from the tournament for unsportsmanlike behavior. The opposing team will thus benefit from a victory by default. The kicked player's team must open a protest and provide as much evidence as possible for the request to be taken into account. Abandoned Match

Leaving the server before the end of the match without any reason will be considered as abandonment and will result in the default victory of the opposing team. Change of Players

The team can change players (previously registered on the team file, it is not here to take mercenaries) between each map and each match. Any player who starts a map must complete it. It cannot in any case be replaced during the map . If the 5th player of a team is unable to complete the map , his team may continue to 4 players. If it refuses, it will lose the ma. Note that it is not possible to play with less than 4 players. 

3.4.4. After the Game Result

You must enter the result of your match on the match sheet and specify the final score for each map. Protest

When an anomaly is detected during a game, it must be ascertained via the protest module within 15 minutes of the match. Any claim from a team must be supported by evidence usable by the Admin team ( Screenshots and/or videos ). Any claim made without any proof may be penalized by the loss of the map or the game at the discretion of the Admin team. Leaving a match without valid reason for complaint or without proof will automatically be considered as a withdrawal. 

3.4.5. Screenshots

An admin can extend the upload time of media files in specific cases.

It is the responsibility of both parties to ensure that all necessary screenshots are transmitted on the match sheet within 24 hours of the end of the match. The screenshots must be uploaded in formats following :. jpg , .jpeg, .png,. Bmp Score Screenshots

A screenshot (capture screen) of the scoreboard at the end of the game must be taken and uploaded on the score sheet in 24 hours. The screenshot must indicate the end result of the match.


4. Penalty Points

If a player or team disregards or violates one or more of the rules of the league, this can have various consequences depending on the severity of the offence. As a rule, the penalty points are deleted after a certain period of time. There are different clearance periods depending on the amount of points:

  • 1-2 penalty points: 2 months
  • 3-6 penalty points: 3 months
  • 7 penalty points: 6 months
  • 12 penalty points: 2 years

In addition to penalty points, players and teams may be barred (also known as frozen, locked and barraged) if they have accumulated a certain amount of penalty points.

  • After obtaining 4 penalty points: 1 week barrage
  • After obtaining 8 penalty points: 2 weeks barrage
  • After obtaining 10 penalty points: 1 month barrage

Barred players and teams must finish playing their open matches. They cannot challenge nor be challenged. Barred players may not take part in team matches with exception of 2on2 teams.

Penalties (penalty points/barrages/bans) given on DAL sub platforms (e.g. NA and EU tournaments) are valid on all DAL sub platforms


5. Penalty Point Catalog

In general, a player and the team can receive up to 6 penalty points per match, unless a single violation has a higher punishment. A team is only punished once per violation, regardless of how many players. Where a player or team receives penalty points for multiple violations, the penalty points are added together.

No show;

  • Team: 3 penalty points,
  • Player: 2 penalty points.

Abort match;

  • Team: 2 penalty points,
  • Player: 2 penalty points.

Use of ineligible player;

Inactive barrage;

  • Team: 3 penalty points,
  • Player: 3 penalty points.


  • Team: 6 penalty points,
  • Player: 6 penalty points.

Unregistered player;

  • Team: 3 penalty points,
  • Player: 3 penalty points.


  • Team: 6 penalty points,
  • Player: 6 penalty points.

Playing with wrong game account;

  • Team: 3 penalty points,
  • Player: 3 penalty points.

Playing without a registered game account;

  • Team: 3 penalty points,
  • Player: 3 penalty points.

Use of ineligible player:

Multiple/Fake accounts;


  • Team: 1 - 4 penalty points,
  • Player: 1 - 4 penalty points.


  • Team: 1 - 4 penalty points,
  • Player: 1 - 4 penalty points.

Fake result;

  • Team: 4 penalty points,
  • Player: 4 penalty points.

Fake match media;

  • Team: 6 penalty points,
  • Player: 6 penalty points.

Fake match;

  • Team: 6 penalty points,
  • Player: 6 penalty points.


  • Team: 6 penalty points,
  • Player: 12 penalty points.

Matches only get deleted if the team/player violating the rules won the match.