NJCAAE MultiVersus Rules

  • Updated

1. General Competition Rules

All members and students involved in NJCAAE competition must follow the General Competition Rules.


2. Teams

2.1. Tournament Teams

A “team” shall consist of two (2) Players. Multiple teams from each Eligible Institution will be allowed to participate in the Tournament.

2.2. Roster Requirements

2.2.1. Players

Each Team will consist of two (2) players


3. Tournament Structure

3.1. Matches

A match shall be defined as a set of maps played in a sequential order. This will be synonymous with Series. All matches will be a Best-of-3 format. Playoffs will also be a Best-of-5 format.

3.2. Game

A game shall be defined as a single round within a Match or Series i.e.Best-of-3: First to 2 game wins will win the match.


4. Match Details

4.1. Match Length

All matches will be a best-of-3

4.2. Match Procedure

  • Team 1 selects one of their characters
  • Team 2 selects both of their characters
  • Team 1 selects their final character and the perks for the final character
  • Team 2 selects the perks for both of their characters
  • Team 1 selects the perks for the first character they picked
  • Team 2 strikes one map from the list of available maps
  • Team 1 strikes one map from the list of available maps
  • Repeat steps 6 & 7 until one map remains. Game 1 will be played on the last available map.

4.2.1 Proceeding Match Procedure

  • Players connect their devices and check the configuration of their devices.
  • Players select their team side.
  • Players determine characters, perks, and map for the first Game.
  • The Players play the first Game of the Match.
  • The team that won the previous game may elect to change characters.
  • The team that lost the previous game may elect to change characters.
  • The team that won the previous game may elect to change perks.
  • The team that lost the previous game may elect to change perks.
  • The team that won the previous game can ban up to 2 maps from being selected for the next game.
  • The team that lost the previous game selects the map for the next game. The losing team may not select the map that they have most recently won during this Match.
  • The next Game is played.
  • Repeat steps 5-11 for all subsequent Games until the Match is complete.

4.3. Lobby Responsibilities

4.3.1 Home & Away

The home team is decided by the NAT type. The team with the best NAT type i.e. A, will host the lobby. If both teams have the same NAT type. The team on the left side of the GenE match site, shall be the host. 

4.3.2 Lobby

The home team shall be responsible for lobby creation and ensuring all rules are set and established. A lobby invite shall be sent to the away team. The away team shall be responsible for ensuring all rules and settings are correct

4.3.3 Connection

A LAN connection is required for this title.

4.4. Game Settings

  • Timer: Default
  • Stage Hazards: On
  • Duplicate characters per team are NOT allowed
  • Perks: All are legal
  • Interface: Recommended
  • My Color: Yellow
  • Ally Team Color: Blue
  • Enemy Team Color: Red
  • Show My Outline: Checked
  • Show Ally Outline: Checkline
  • Show Enemy Outline: Checked
  • Characters Use Team Colors: Checked
  • Directional Influence Visualizer: Not Checked
  • Show Framerate: Not Checked
  • Cursor Speed: 5

4.4.1 Graphic Settings

  • Window Mode - Fullscreen
  • Screen Resolution - 1920x1080
  • Resolution Scale - Best Quality
  • Monitor - Default
  • Vertical Sync - No
  • One Frame Thread Lag - No
  • Character Occlusion - Yes
  • Quality Presets - High
  • Antialiasing Quality - High
  • Texture Quality - High
  • Visual FX Quality - High
  • Shadow Quality - High

4.5. Stage List

There is no pre-set stage list for this game title.

4.6. New and Reworked Characters

4.6.1. New Characters

Characters who have not been available on live servers for two weeks will not be permitted to be used in the match. 

Example: Character A was released on January 14, Character A will not be permitted in NJCAAE play until January 28.

4.6.2. Reworked Characters

Characters who have received major updates to core abilities or gameplay will be considered “reworked” and will follow the same rules as a new character. The determining criteria shall be:

  •  50% of a character’s core abilities have been changed or overhauled; OR
  • The key identity of a character has been changed, as determined by NJCAAE officials.

4.7. Pausing and the Home Button

If a Player either intentionally or accidentally pauses the Game by either pressing the start button or unplugging their own, or their opponent’s controller, the Player who paused forfeits the current Game.

4.8. Self-Destruct Moves

If a game ends with a self-destruct move, the results screen will determine the winner. If a sudden death occurs, a standard sudden death play-off game applies.