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League of Legends

The rules contained on this page only cover this specific game, please review the Generation Esports Generall Competition Rules for information covering all official tournaments.  

1. Anti-Cheat

No additional anti-cheat is required for official matches.


2. Match Procedure

Supported Platforms

  • PC

2.1. Series Lengths

Matches are played as a best of 1 series. 

2.2. Game Lobby

The home team will host a Custom Match on Summoner’s Rift using the Tournament Draft game type and invite the away team. 

  • Room Name: Home Team Name vs Away Team Name
  • Map: Summoner’s Rift
  • Team Size: 5
  • Game Type: Tournament Draft
  • Allow Spectators: None

The home team will set a password for the room, to prevent players outside the tournament from joining the lobby. 

2.2.1. Lobby Formation

Both teams will have their players in the lobby in the following order. 

  • Top
  • Jungle
  • Mid
  • Bottom
  • Support

2.3. Side Selection

2.3.1. Best of 1 Series

The away team will choose their side for the game.

2.3.2. Best of 3 Series

  • The away team will choose their side for game 1
  • The loser of game 1 will choose their side for game 2
  • The loser of game 2 will choose their side for game 3 (if needed)

2.4. Drafting

 All game drafts will be through the online drafting tool Draftlol. The following steps must be followed for each game’s draft.

  • The team with side selection will set up the draft and provide links to their opponent
    • Blue and red team names should reflect the respective team names shown on the match page.
  • After drafting online the same picks and bans should be recreated in game
    • If there is a mistake during the in game drafting, reset the game lobby and go through the in game drafting process again.
      • If there are multiple mistakes please reach out to a Generation Esports Administrator.


3. Tournament Rules 

3.1. Game Connections

All players taking part in Generation Esports tournaments are required to have an active game account for the tournament they’re participating in connected to their Generations Esports account. All game connection information shown on a team’s roster must match with the accounts in game. Players using different accounts or those not officially on the roster are prohibited from playing in matches. Only one account connection is allowed per game, the use of alternate accounts is prohibited. All account connections are prohibited from being changed after the team has participated in its first match of a tournament’s regular season.

If a player’s name does not match what is shown on their roster, please reach out to a Generation Esports Administrator through the live chat service for assistance while the game is still being played. Name discrepancy reports will not be accepted after a match has been completed.  

3.1.1. Account Ownership

Game accounts used in official tournaments must belong to the student participating using that game connection. At no point in time may players share accounts with each other or use an account of another person, regardless of if they are in the tournament or not.

3.1.2. School-Purchased Accounts

Schools may create accounts or purchase game licenses for their students participating in a tournament if they do not already have an active one. These accounts will be considered the students’ personal account and may only be used by one student each. These accounts and licenses may not be transferred to another student upon the previous student’s graduation or leaving the team, as this would be against any publisher’s Terms of Service or End User License Agreement.


3.1.3 Team Member Eligibility

All team members must be from the same place of business. This can be members from a single branch/franchise location or coworkers within the same parent company. 


4. Restrictions

4.1 Disabled Content

Any champions, skins, wards, ward skin, chromas or other game content currently disabled in the Ranked or Normal game modes will be prohibited from use in official matches.

4.2. New or Reworked Champions

New or Reworked champions released during the season are prohibited from use in official matches for the remainder of the season. All other champions are permitted for use in official matches, unless they're disabled per rule 3.1. A rework is defined as, when a champion has 50% or more of their gameplay kit changed, balance patches are not considered reworks.


5. Stoppage of Play

5.1. Game Pausing

Pause requests must be communicated in the match’s all chat and only may be called as long as there are no team engagements at the time of the request. A pause may be called only for the following reasons

  • Player Disconnection
  • Game Breaking Errors/Issues

Generation Esports Administrators may call for a match pause at their discretion

5.2 Match Resets

Matches Resets will be made at the discretion of Generation Esports Administrators. Teams who feel a match reset is needed will need to contact a Generation Esports Administrator for an official ruling. 


6. Team Rosters

League of Legends team rosters require a minimum of 5 players and are limited to a maximum of 10 players (5 starting players, and 5 substitute players). Rosters that do not meet the minimum or exceed the maximum number of players will not be allowed to participate in official matches until their roster size meets the set requirements. Player substitutions may be made between maps.

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