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* This event is not sponsored, endorsed or administered by Epic Games, Inc.


The rules contained on this page only cover this specific game, please review the HSEL General Competition Rules for information covering all official tournaments. 


1. Anti-Cheat

No additional anti-cheat is required for official matches.


2. Match Procedure

Supported Platforms

  • PC
  • PS5
  • PS4
  • XBSX/S
  • XB1
  • Nintendo Switch

2.1. Series Lengths

Two games will be played with each queue. Game modes will shift between Build and No Build every other week, each mode will have its own leaderboard. 

2.2. Game Lobby

Players will receive a lobby code after they have queued and they have be placed on a match page. Players should keep the match page open as the lobby codes for both games will only be shared in match chat.

2.3. Match Scoring

In order to receive points for the match, players must first finish in the top 10. Every player who has finished in the top ten will then receive points based on the following outcomes

  • Kills: 1 Point Each
  • Placement
    • Top 10: 1 Point
    • Top 8: 2 Points
    • Top 6: 3 Points
    • Top 4: 5 points
    • Top 3: 6 Points
    • Top 2: 8 Points
    • Victory Royale: 15 Points


3. Tournament Rules 

3.1. Game Connections

All players taking part in High School Esports League tournaments are required to have an active game account for the tournament they’re participating in connected to their Generations Esports account. All game connection information shown on a team’s roster must match with the accounts in game. Players using different accounts or those not officially on the roster are prohibited from playing in matches. Only one account connection is allowed per game, the use of alternate accounts is prohibited. All account connections are prohibited from being changed after the team has participated in its first match of a tournament’s regular season.

If a player’s name does not match what is shown on their roster, please reach out to a HSEL Administrator through the live chat service for assistance while the game is still being played. Name discrepancy reports will not be accepted after a match has been completed. 

3.1.1. Account Ownership

Game accounts used in official tournaments must belong to the student participating using that game connection. At no point in time may players share accounts with each other or use an account of another person, regardless of if they are in the tournament or not.

3.1.2. School-Purchased Accounts

Schools may create accounts or purchase game licenses for their students participating in a tournament if they do not already have an active one. These accounts will be considered the students’ personal account and may only be used by one student each. These accounts and licenses may not be transferred to another student upon the previous student’s graduation or leaving the team, as this would be against any publisher’s Terms of Service or End User License Agreement.

3.2. Match Streaming

3.2.1. Spectators

There are no spectator slots available in the private lobbies. 

3.2.2. Player Streaming

Players may stream to their personal twitch or youtube channel if they are participating in the match. The match may only be streamed from the player’s in-game point of view and should have at least a 3 minute delay set to prevent possible incidents of stream sniping.

Players may not at any time stream another player or roster’s match on their personal channel.


4. Restrictions

4.1. Disabled Cosmetics, Vehicles, and Items

Any gliders/umbrellas, outfits, harvesting tools, back blings, contrails, loading screens, emotes, vehicles, or items that are currently disabled in public queues are prohibited from use in official matches.

4.2. Teaming

Players are prohibited from teaming up in order to gain a competitive advantage against other players in the match. If you suspect players of teaming, please contact an HSEL Administrator.

4.3. Sharing of Lobby Codes

The sharing of lobby codes with those not registered with HSEL or not in the original lobby group is prohibited. Players who did not queue for the match or are not registered will not be awarded points for their participation in the game. The sharing of lobby codes will result in disciplinary action, including possible ejection from the tournament.

4.4. Public Accusations

Publicly accusing a player or team of violating the rules will not be tolerated. If you suspect another player, or team has committed a rule violation, please file a match dispute as soon as possible so HSEL staff can open an investigation.


5. Stoppage of Play

5.1. Player Disconnection

If a player disconnects at any point during the pregame lobby phase or while the game is live, they will be eliminated from the game. Any points scored prior to the disconnection will be counted towards the player's overall leaderboard standing but they will be unable to reconnect to the game.

Match resets will not occur due to player disconnection. The HSEL Administrator in charge of the lobby may call for a full reset if a technical issue affects the entire server, interrupting gameplay.


6. Team Rosters

Only one roster is required for all Fortnite players on a School Team. Each player on the roster will be placed in a game when they queue up at the designated match time. No player substitutions can be made at any point during the match, as the matches are set to be played as a solo BR.

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